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Distressed Property


A distressed property is pretty much any property that has been neglected or damaged over a period of time. Usually, renovations are necessary in order to make it livable again. If you know of a situation like this or are in one yourself, then we recommend selling the house.

It may not seem logical that someone would buy a house like this but there is a market for it. You can own 5 distressed houses and there would be MORE than 5 people interested in buying it. We definitely would be interested in buying your distressed property. We'd give you cash for it on a Monday and by the weekend you could be on vacation somewhere. Easy as that. There's no need to do any fixing of the house. We'd be happy to take it off your hands, "as-is".

Distressed Property

As mentioned before, a distressed property is any property that has been left unattended for an extended amount of time. We've found, in a lot of cases, this happens either because of a natural disaster or another unfortunate event. Whatever the case, bringing it back to livable standards can be a mammoth undertaking. If you don't have a clear plan laid out for the renovation and future use of the property, then you will surely waste a lot of money fixing it up. Sell it to a real estate company like us. We'll give you a wad of cash for it and it'll be out of your hair forever.


You’re probably wondering what real estate investors would want to do with a distressed piece of property that’s been left for many years to rot. Well, the answer is simple – we want to invest! From our experience, we know that there's someone who would see the value in them. When we find properties like these the first things we think about are reselling it or fixing it to rent it out. Depending on the area, sometimes commercial or property developers are interested... if its for nothing but removing it to build in its place. When we’re set on buying distressed properties, we do so with a plan in mind to invest.


Appraisals can be done on the property if you’re not exactly sure how much it’s worth before attempting to sell it. Once you know, we're prepared to give you cash for whatever it's worth.  Appraisals help us determine a ballpark range for our cash offer to you, so we’re not overvaluing or undervaluing the property.

Selling for Cash

Selling your distressed property for cash is, perhaps, the best way to get some value from the home. You could renovate and sell the house yourself but you might find that it's more challenging and expensive than you thought. Here's a secret (not really a secret). The people in real estate build their careers from the network of people they know. Transactions, deals, and tips are constantly moving in this industry. This makes it easier for them to sell a distressed piece of property. You're rolling the dice when you renovate and try to sell a house yourself. The alternative? Let us give you a cash offer to think about and consider. Should you accept, we'll have the cash in front of you lightning-fast.


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