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Sell Your Home Lightning Fast - Divorce 2

Going through a divorce and not sure what to do with the house? When a divorce is finalized, chances are you’ll want a new house and a new start. We can help with the home selling process and easily get your house sold, regardless of its condition. Divorces can often be messy, tiring, and stressful but we think that selling your home shouldn’t be. That’s why we’ve made the process quick and easy.


Sometimes during a divorce, a couple might find themselves in a legal battle over the house. This is not ideal for either person. Fighting over material possessions during a time like this only adds more strain to the situation. But still, at the end of the day, it's a discussion that needs to happen. Typically, a divorce judge will be the one to determine how the house will be divided and it’s usually in favor of the property’s legal owner. If a judge grants you full rights to the house and you decide to sell it, we can be of assistance. We would be happy to give you a cash offer for the house. We'll help you sell it quickly and get it off your hands so you can start fresh.

Splitting Home Value

If a mutual agreement was come to about selling the house, then we could still be of service. We know that both individuals would like to sell the house as quickly as possible and split the money that came from it. It's only natural. Both people would like to get on with their lives and getting the weight of a shared house off of their shoulders is a huge relief.


Splitting the value of your house can also sometimes mean splitting the value of the items inside of it too. If you have valuable items inside your house, such as artwork, collectibles, jewelry, or anything of significance, you’ll need to come to an agreement. We recommend that you take the time to determine the overall value of these items and work with your former spouse, lawyers, and the judge to evenly split them. We can help by appraising and giving value to certain areas that may need remodeling but personal items will need to be settled by the judge.

Market Preparation

Many people in similar situations worry about maintenance and getting the home prepped to be sold. We don't want you worrying about any of that. Instead, we'll take it off your hands and make it ready for a long-term investment. There'll be no commission fees or closing fees. We know that you’ve already got your hands full with a divorce, so you don’t need any extra expenses associated with selling your home.


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