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Landlords Tired of Dealing With A Rental Property


Are you a landlord who’s tired of managing or maintaining a piece of property that you acquired a while ago? If so, then we can help you sell that property and make some quick cash in the process. Use the cash for a new venture, investments or for personal use. While some rental properties could have been a great investment when you initially purchased them, we know that it can be difficult to keep up with the ongoing maintenance after several years and various tenants. Depending on the location and value of your property, it can become increasingly expensive as well.

Rental Properties

Rental properties can be anything from a rental home to an apartment, condo, duplex, or any property that you currently own as a landlord and rent out to tenants for a monthly fee. Rental properties, as a renter, are ideal because it requires minimal maintenance on the tenant’s part when appliances or structural damages occur. As the landlord, however, this means that much of the maintenance falls on you, leaving you with ongoing costs that you must attend to over time, which can add up the older your property is. If you sell it, instead, you can worry less about those costs and use the extra money to invest in your own property!

Buying Homes in ‘As-is’ Condition

Buying homes in ‘as-is’ condition means that we’re able to purchase your home in the condition that it’s currently in, as you aren’t given the responsibility of any further upkeep or repairs before signing over the house to us. This also means that you can sell your house for the value that it’s currently worth, without having to invest in it more and potentially lose that money. We take care of the logistics when it comes to buying a house in ‘as-is’ condition and all you have to do is contact us to let us know you’re interested in our buying assistance!

Less Maintenance

As mentioned previously, many landlords are looking to sell their properties because it includes less maintenance on their part. Less maintenance also means less costs associated with upkeep and repairs. To avoid making repairs, hiring repairmen, or having to regularly repair appliances or structural damages over time, your property can be sold in its current condition and you don’t have to pay for any repairs that previous tenants have caused during their time in your rental property.

Closing Costs

Closing costs are those associated with the final legal arrangements of your property sale. They can include anything from the cost of a notoriety, to an attorney, taxes, title transfer, insurance, and much more. In short, paying the closing costs when sealing the arrangement of a property can be pricey after all is said and done. Instead of attempting to pay those costs directly and out of pocket, we offer to pay them for you so the process is short, sweet, and upfront, without any hidden fees or unforeseen costs.


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